What We Do

Rocket Erotic is Jan Lloyd and Kelly Arbor – Offering performance-based education in stage performance, facilitated workshops, and private parties. We aim to assist individuals of all bodies, genders, and orientations find their way to pleasure through our hand-picked selection of products. Here, we bring you a personalized style of sex toy selection and advisement.  Please feel free to contact us for questions and help selecting the right toy for you and/or your partners needs. jan@rocketerotic.com

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Our teaching style is marked by an entertaining approach to sex education that is fun, informative, and participatory. For example: “Intro to the Art of Pleasure” offers a foundational conversation around body, sexuality, orientation, and boundaries/ consent in an identity and gender-inclusive setting. Below is a listing our current list of workshop offerings.  We always adapt each workshop to your groups interests/needs/community to compile a unique experience that is appropriate.


All workshops include:

• Role play
• Topics that are All-body/ All-gender inclusive
• Anatomy
• Consent and communication tips
• Safety and aftercare (self + others)
• Product knowledge and How-to’s
• Resources on the topic being presented


Art of Pleasure – A Beginner’s Guide In this workshop, we will explore sexual anatomy, erotic mapping, safer play, the use of communication and consent, as well as address your questions around the body and the art of play. Through role-play scenarios and demonstrations, we will the cover the use and integration of sex toys for one or more! Workshop content will cover all bodies, genders, and identities. Sex-positive=body positive.

Art of Pleasure – For Advanced Lovers Take your pleasure to the next level!  In this workshop we’ll cover G- and P-Spot play, discuss squirting, penetration techniques, kink, and more – expanding the potentials of your toy box.

Oral For All Bodies – The tongue is our strongest muscle and giving oral is a gift, but what else is there to know? This session will moisten your palate with tongue techniques for all genders and sexualities. We will include considerations for both givers and receivers of oral pleasure.

  • Use of the mouth- Cunnilingus/Analingus and Fellatio
  • Technique and methods of stimulation: Tongue tips, lube, toys, etc.
  • Expectations
  • Self Care and masturbation

Penetration: Fingers, Fists, and Strap-On’s – Digging deeper into the glorious abysses of our bodies! Techniques and toys to spice up a penetrative relationship with any body receptor. This workshop is geared toward both givers and receivers.

  • Harnesses and Dildos
  • G-Spot and P-Spot
  • Methods and techniques
  • Ejaculation (aka Squirting)
  • Expectations
  • Kegel muscles

KinQ: Pushing Your Sensual Edges – Our novice’s guide to some kinky basics. Think of this as the why, what, and how conversation that ensues after you realize you want to explore the flavors of a sensual lifestyle. Tops, bottoms, switches, versatiles, and all others welcome!

  • Define Kink (including BDSM)
  • Sex vs No Sex
  • Energy exchange and Breath
  • Safe, Sane, and Consensual
  • Being in Body vs. Leaving Body (mindfulness, groundedness being the giver / building trust to allow for out of body experiences…etc)
  • DIY element

Fluidity: Perspectrums Across Gender and Sexuality – This workshop is about opening up the potentials of our intricate identities. We are not here to provide a framework to plot yourself on a linear graph, but rather to engage you in a conversation about the ever shifting beauty of wholistic expression of Self.

  • Alphabet soup definitions (non-binary, pangender, transgender, etc)
  • Kate Bornstein’s attraction chart
  • Romantic love and platonic love
  • Language and the importance of communication
  • Orientation: the outward expression of attractions

Facilitated Group/Organization Dialog – Does your group, workplace or organization need support around how to be more inclusive for alternative identities, such as gender and sexual orientations? We offer facilitated dialog with an overview of language and techniques to create gender and sexuality inclusive spaces.  We design these facilitated dialogs around site specific needs- unique to your group- and welcome difficult questions and topics.

Sex Toy Party

We can bring the toys to you!  Round up some friends, set the date, and we bring the toy demos.  (Some toys are in-stock, some orders will be shipped). We can host a mini-workshop “sex toy orientation” as an addition or just be ready for your questions.  Your location can be your home, a public hosted event space, a college… We are pretty open!

How it works:

1) Contact us to schedule a date and talk details.

2) We’ll work out the model and budget for your group or party.

3) Book It! We require a deposit to secure the date.

Contact us to find out more about these and other offerings:

Jan@rocketerotic.com – 802-249-4945